Parse-O-Matic Power Tool

Programmable file converter. Extract data, mine reports. Copy, delete, parse, change, edit, reformat records: ASCII or EBCDIC text or binary files from Windows, Unix or Mac. Fixed or variable record length or delimited (e.g. null or tab). Export CSV files

Parse-O-Matic  v.5.0.4

Parse-O-Matic is the parsing technology, created specifically to handle todays parsing challenges. A new and easy to use software for your computers.


Visual Parse++  v.5.0

A RAD environment for creating lexers and parsers for Java, C++, Delphi, C, and VB programmers. A sophisticated visual environment is provided which allows complete design of parsers without coding.

XBB - library for parse BBCode  v.1.0

xBB-code is the PHP library to parse and edit text formatted with BBCode.

Message Parse

An email processing utility, that provides an easy and effective way to transfer data from your email to other applications you use. MsgParse exports data from your messages to user defined text files that can then be imported to other applications. Also

Bio::Parse::SwissProt - perl module  v.0.5

A Perl module that provides methods for retrieving each and every field from a standard SwissProt file.


Email2Database is a tool to automatically parse incoming e-mail messages and launch database operations based on the extracted fields. This email parser is, for instance, useful for processing template-based emails and update database tables with that

Text Template Parser  v.2.4.6

Text Template Parser is a data retrieving, data extracting and data transformation software to parse, retrieve, convert, transform and extract data from documents, text file, web pages, emails, excel, pdf, print and save extracted information.

Email2DB  v.2.3.581

Email2DB is an email parser and business process automation solution. Parse and extract data from incoming messages to integrate with your business databases. You can extract data from incoming messages to store in your database.

Metaf2xml  v.2.1

metaf2xml can download, parse and decode aviation routine weather reports (METAR, SPECI, SAO), aerodrome forecasts (TAF), synoptic observations (SYNOP), observations from buoys (BUOY) and meteorological reports from aircrafts (AMDAR).

SolidShare Analyzer

SolidShare Analyzer can parse the log files generated, generate report on bandwidth utilization and possible security problems use both graphical and text formation.


The equation parser-calculator for COMPLEX number math expressions with parse-tree builder and user-friendly interface for parsing and calculation a run-time defined math complex expression. The math expressions is represented as string in a function

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